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Steel Force Protection

Living Spaces of the future!

The light steel structure system is a type of structure which is produced with the cold shaping method from galvanized steel and where all walls are of a carrier nature along with the furnishing. The steel carrier system elements produced under control and auditing in the factory with modern machines are brought to the construction site in a protected way and then assembled.

Light steel structure systems contribute to life with its leading environmentalist identity that is sensitive to future generations and respectful to the universe. Being homogeneous, isotropic and durable, the light steel structure systems are the systems with the least human initiative, allowing manufacturing without defects or damages. It ensures a sustainable construction management 365 days of the year under all weather conditions and offers short term and efficient solutions on site and in the factory through dry manufacturing opportunity. Thanks to the quick and easy assembly possibility, the building duration gets shorter. Light steel structure systems create a difference with controlled and minimum construction waste in today’s world where buildings leave 40 % waste. Since these systems can be operated with less energy need, the amount of carbon release is less than the other projects. Indirect costs that may emerge on site are fewer and there is the advantage of fewer workers and work completion in a short time. Construction site is used quietly and in a clean way while the quality of environment and social life is not affected. During the construction of the building on site, the rate of pollution of the underground waters is less since there is an environmentalist approach with minimum water consumption. Minimum level of energy loss is obtained thanks to renewable energy sources and outstanding isolation aspects.