Architectural Comment

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Human beings have always established their habitat on a geographical threshold. The urban area of Izmir, sprouting on a line where mountains in the east and meadows in the west are connected on the road to Menemen from Karşıyaka, seems to be reminiscent of this long forgotten principle. This line, which lies between the farming lands under protection, and which covers the meadow and the hills, will no doubt be the most favorite new residential area of Izmir with its road, subway, university and urban facilities. The residents of 35th street will rediscover the taste of soil, neighborhood and peace while watching the gardens on the meadow, and the beautiful Aegean Sea lying behind, from their houses against the hills on such a geography.

We have developed a typology connecting the idea of apartment blocks with town houses on a land where urban meets rural life. This is a strategy we formulated along a two-kilometre-long single street by thinking of independency and social life together. We have located private areas, social facilities, service lands and infrastructural lines on the same street line. Thus we have opened wide undivided green areas between and around the structure.

The 35th Street that will host a population of 2000 people is located on a western hill, just like a traditional Aegean town. By means of the dynamic geographical structure of the land, six different types of houses have been built with various differences and the open spaces among them are filled with cafes, bookstores and some other social areas, creating a dynamic site. The street and the courtyards in between never repeat themselves at any point. The street moves each time, forming a unique relationship with the land and scenery.

This is a place we offer to people sharing their walls, streets or garden who are sensitive to the environment they live in and who are eager to enjoy life. This is an opportunity we provide for all ages but mostly for the children. This is the land of conversations, street games and afternoon strolls long forgotten in urban life. This is the world of people who do not pay the price for breathing the fresh air of the countryside by staying isolated and alone but by being close to the city and enjoying nature and peace together with their neighbors. 35th street seems to be the product of architectural and human values that we have built over time with long discussions and performance. We look forward to walking along the street that we have dreamt of until now.

Teget Architecture
Mehmet Kütükçüoğlu Master Architect
Ertuğ Uçar Master Architect